Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Today is doubly special. Its Christmas, and it also marks our six months together. Call it cliche, but I wish everyone in the world are as happy as I am today.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Happy 6th monthsarry hon.

I love you.

P.S. I miss my facial hair. Guys, when you commit, read the fine print! :-)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dustin and Kandice... YOU HAVE BEEN ELIMINATED!

Thank God!!!

Sure they were competitive, and yes its a race, and yes its for a million dollars. But though I wouldn't really label them "bitches", they were a tad too sanctimonious for my liking.

Of course I wanted the redneck couple to win this one, but I guess I can't have it all.

Go 'Bama!!!

(photo courtesy of

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Its been that kind of.... (insert tme period here)

This is beginning to be a whine blog. Somehow, things have been more hectic now, even if I compare it to the same time last year. Perhaps I'm just getting old, but that's not it. I'm still my fabulous self. But sometimes, the universe conspires to give you a bad day... or week... or month...

School sucks. This trimester has been tougher than those that came before. I'm swamped with deadlines and resposnibilities, and I still owe my students the corrections of the last draft of their theses. I guess its the extra load I took in accepting to team teach Strategic Management. I had to study for that one. Crap.

So what else has happened. AH! SMACKDOWN!!! The single brilliant event in an otherwise tiring few months. Seeing Batista in the ring with the Philippine flag on his shoulders was a great sight, but not as thrilling as seeing Vito's thong whenever his dress would flip up while wrestling with Cavo Guerrero. Yes, folks... his dress. A big, musclebound, mafia-type in a skirt. Only in the WWE.

Ah yes! My inet connection at home went down. I couldn't finish encoding of the subjects (academic adviser crap I have to do every term) of the marketing students, so I had to go to school early and use the connection, which meant I had to make up for lost time at work.

I guess another reason that my shoulders have been slumping lately have been the recent tragedies. Bro. Rafe Donato passed away. So did the fathers of two of my good high school friends from La Salle Green Hills: Carlo Carrascoso's dad and Vince's Tolentino's dad. My aunt suffereing a stroke didn't help much either. I guess when 3/4 of your loved one's brain has been affected, you prepare yourself for the inevitable. In 31 years I've seen too much death in my family I think.

So what is the pic about? I was with Nicky in AKIC one night. Outside the CR, I noticed a dispenser for hand sanitizer and other stuff. I figure I'd try it out. In goes my 4 pesos and as I twist the knob, the sanitizer jams itself in the chute and doesn't fall.


It been that kind... (insert time period here)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Back To School Blues

Well, its been a while since I've posted anything... and that, ladies and gentlemen, is a symptom of the... hmm... well now, is it really a problem?

School's back in, and so is the ton of work I have to do. Add to that, the department is undergoing major changes in both the marketing and management courses.

And guess wh's the big loser involved in both activities.

Yep, that's right.


Plus this term, Big Papa Moron (yours truly) decided to improve upon the current system. Instead of making my students submit their fledgling theses per module (7 modules) I asked them to submit in DRAFTS, based on their previous submissions in Stategic Management (STRATGY) last term. Yes, I am now checking and suggesting revisions for entire drafts this term... and I have 31 students. Currently I have a real estate company, a food manufacturing company, a pre-school and an automotive company pending....

Robert... ANG BOBO MO!


Watch CRANK!!! Get in on dehbehdeh!


Malou asked me to watch The Grudge 2 with her. Aw crap! I hate horror movies. Why? Because I get scared!!! I have an overactive imagination, and its not just dreaming about the thing! Its going home late at night, and having rapid heartbeats and sweating and trying not to look in the rearview mirror because something might be looking back at you.


So I told her fine, I'll watch the stinking horror show with her as long as she accompanies me to a blood donation and we both give blood.

She hates the sight of blood.


*wicked evil grin*


I just got reacquanited with Rufo's the past month. Pocha! Ang sarap talaga ng tapa sa Rufo's!!!

Monday, September 04, 2006


Finally! The Rock, has come back....

... yeah, well something like that. Malou is finally home. YAY! I picked her up at the airport yesterday, and ang saya-saya ko.

So to all my fans out there, all pending lakads are called off. Most text messages and phone calls regarding gimmick and related activites will be noted but politely refused. Check back in... hmm... a week or so. Maybe.


Peace out! <---- naks! feeling!